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Dutschke The Tokay 37,5 cl (schroefdop)

Land: Australie
Jaar: nv
Druivensoort: 100% Tokay (Muscadelle)
Streek: Barossa Valley
Producent: Dutschke Wines
Appellation: Barossa Valley


€  21,95




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EXCLUSIEF VOOR NEDERLAND - Robert Parker 98 punten.

The idea of producing Tokay about, when cousin Jeff asked if I could make him a barrel or two of Tokay from the one remaining row of Tokay growing in the “Semmler Brothers” vineyard. He needed something in his shed to warm him up after pruning during the winter.

His plan was to flatten the old Tokay vines with the bulldozer after this first vintage. I struck a deal with Jeff, agreeing that if the wine shaped up well, that maybe we would get to keep the vines. As you can guess, the wine was terrific and the vines are still here today.

“The Tokay” is a blend of 100% Barossa Valley Tokay (Muscadelle) with the richness and lusciousness you’d expect from only Rutherglen Tokay. In blending this wine, I have chased up some older material from a couple of winemaking mates here in the Barossa, to blend with our fresh and luscious younger Tokay. This also allows me to have a collection of older material tucked away for the future. Some of this precious older material goes back to 1988. “The Tokay” shows plenty of caramel, toffee and nutty like characters and has a sweet, rich, luscious palate, finishing round and a touch dry from the oak tannin and warm alcohol.

More Information

Winemaker: Wayne Dutschke

Cases Bottled: 257 6-packs x 375ml bottles (2 Hogsheads only).

Vineyard: One single row of Tokay from "Semmler Brother's" vineyard, I'm not sure about the rest.

Region: 100% Barossa

Valley Varieties: 100% Tokay (Muscadelle)

Alcohol: 18.0%

Oak Maturation: Aged in quarter casks, barriques (225 litres) and hogsheads (300 litres).

Cellaring potential: Best consumed within 18 months of bottling.

Scores 98pts. Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate





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